Message from the CEO
INDETAIL will remain an entrepreneurial venturewho revitalizes the local economies.
Daisuke Tsuboi INDETAIL Co., Ltd. CEO

Right now, we are facing major social issues: depopulation and an ageing population.
Continuing to conduct business as we were doing up until now will be very difficult considering the negative effects these two issues have on the local communities are very severe.

So, what can we do in order to revitalize the local economies and evolve towards sustainable development?

One of the solutions could come from startup and entrepreneurship.

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Daisuke Tsuboi INDETAIL Co., Ltd. CEO

I will say it bluntly. INDETAIL isn’t the best work environment for everyone.

INDETAIL is operating under the premise of Going Concern: a sustainable business development model.

While the number of our employees went beyond 160 in April 2018, there might be people that become interested in working at INDETAIL because they see the company as a stable large enterprise. However, to tell the truth, we do not suggest it to those who dream of ease and comfort.

That is because INDETAIL is “always challenging itself for stability” so as to remain a sustainable business.

For example, there are two pillars to our current businesses: an IT business solution and a video game service. Those two businesses generate stable profits that allow us to invest in other challenges such as developing Blockchain-related business, which became fruitful in 2018. Although it is such a pleasing achievement, we are never satisfied with the status quo. For us, maintaining the status quo is a synonym to decline. We will keep starting new challenges while maintaining what we have built so far.

We will keep challenging ourselves

We are now constructing a unique innovation-creation model called "IND Growth Driven Model (IGDM)" for sustainable growth. "IGDM" is an investment circulation ecosystem that appropriately accelerates business ideas and the growth of investment projects on technology seed level and also grows them into long-term and stable monetization at a high speed. By making a cycle of processes that we have observed produce some results into a model, we want to make sure that the engines of growth can always function well within our company.

Despite the increase in our employees, INDETAIL is always an entrepreneurial venture. We are determined to achieve the goal of IPO in the near future, to reach the goal of activating regional economies, and to challenge ourselves persistently.

Those who sympathize with the vision of INDETAIL and are willing to challenge everything with positive thinking are acting actively and growing in our company regardless of their age, gender and nationality. Since we are an ever-developing company, this is a perfect environment with various challenges for those who are determined and want to take action.

Developers Community
INDETAIL is making many efforts by cooperating with governments, universities, and local corporations.
We regularly organize seminars on “proof of concept”, analysis of big data, or Blockchain, the last of which is advanced technology.
Recruitment Information
Recruitment Information
Our thoughts on hiring

Our vision is to energize the communities in Hokkaido by being a successful IT startup.
We are looking for someone who shares the same vision with us and is willing to walk the journey with us.

In the IT industry, the technological advancements are rapid and their changes are drastic. Since INDETAIL is always challenging itself with a high sensitivity to cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain and AI (artificial Intelligence), we are responding to high-level and cutting-edge orders from clients who are located in the metropolitan area while us being in a local area.

Our vision is to succeed as a local IT startup, transform the business state of Hokkaido in a challenge-oriented direction, and be a leader of bringing vitality to local areas.
We are looking for people who are willing to take on the journey with a strong will until the vision becomes true.