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  • 2017.12.18
  • Events

Hult Prize★国際学生コンペティション Hokkaido University Finals レポート

Hult Prize(ハルトプライズ)は、ビル・クリントン氏が後援している、ソーシャルグッド(社会貢献活動を促進する取り組み)の分野で世界最大規模の社会起業家コンテストです。2017年12月9日に開催された北海道大学学内大会を、弊社代表 坪井とロシア人スタッフのOlegが傍聴してまいりましたので、そのイベントの様子をお伝えします。

What's The Hult Prize?

The Hult Prize is the world’s largest social entrepreneurship student competition, biggest engine for the launch of for-good, for-profit startups emerging from university with over 2500 staff and volunteers around the world. The prize awards $1,000,000 in start-up funding to the team of students that develops the most breakthrough idea to solve one of our world’s toughest social problems.

This year The Hokkaido University Finals for the Hult Prize was taken place on December 9th, 2017 and our company was very appreciate to take part at this great event, which provide people to start thinking about innovation, make innovation and be innovative. As observer participant, we were excited to hear a well prepared and interesting speeches about international social challenges.

This year’s challenge topic was “Harvesting the power of Energy”. Participants had only 6 week for preparing, and at the finals, they are expected to propose ideas to highly qualified judges in just seven minutes, addressing the question “Can you build a scalable, sustainable social enterprise that harnesses the power of energy to transform the lives of 10 million people by 2025?”

So, let’s take a look on winners teams and their business ideas.

1st place. Enrailed Samurai.

Team started presentation from statistic of India’s current energy usage crisis, incidental to big population and rapidly growing unplanned urban households. Result of this problems is voltage drops to such a low level, not appropriate for usage of any appliance. Team plan to boost the usage of energy efficient devices , which will eliminate the load peaks and related problems.

The main idea is to supply with Bluetooth LED Smart Bulbs for free to replace cheap, but high energy consumption Incandescent light bulb. The Data will be collected from those LED bulbs, synchronized with simple mobile application, which would provide to calculate monthly usage of electricity per one household.

2nd place. MagiKBook.

“Did you ever think about how to live without electricity?”

48% of African people do not have access to electricity (EIA, 2016). The fact, that raised the problems at economy, food security, transportation, health. 60% of Madagascar’s kids don’t graduate school. At Cameroon, one Mathematic textbook is using by 14 kids. Because of it, kids have to study at night, with candle light. Sounds really terrible. But this is the fact.

Business model of team was:
- create a device, called MagiKBookR (22$ tablet with simple GUI and low spec)
- provide schools with 1kW Solar Panels units by partners
- sale MagiKBook to students
- endorse usage of MagiKBook by school for improve education quality.

3rd place. Wise Light.

Wise Light team offered the PowerHut, an integrated cab with solar roof and home battery to provide lifelong sustainable and renewable energy to communities with no access to major electricity distribution network. Especially, it will be good energy solution for schools, health care units and households in Nigeria and other tropics areas.

Other participant teams and topics

“Banzai”: new excreta/garbage collection system in slums.
“Instant Coffee”: generate the renewable alternative source of energy from organic waste for reduce the need for LPG.
“Green TeleHealth”: developing Eco-friendly health vans in the US rural areas to improve medical connectivity with clinics.
“Monster Energy”: provide new wall calendar and mobile application to help peoples with mental disease.
“Monkey King”: new PET bottles and cans collecting and recycling system in China.
“Nano”: convert organic substance in wastewater into energy using bacteria as a catalyst.
“Yggdrasill”: decrease Food Mile for Hokkaido area by invitation farmers from Poland.
“Zircons”: RDF (Refuse Deliver Fuel) as an alternative Eco-fuel for domestic consumption in Sri Lanka.

Announcement of the winning team.

All of participants did a good job, showed leadership potential and outlook to transform an idea into reality. Great things come from great people. Hope, this is only the beginning for them. We want congratulate on “Enrailed Samurai” team, that was placed first at the Hokkaido University Finals, representing Hokkaido University and Japan at the Regional Finals in March 2018 to compete against other winning teams from around the world.

For us it was great experience and opportunity to look at new business idea, think about possibility to implement that ideas at IT industry.

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