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  • 2019.09.02
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INDETAIL will be participating in the IFA2019 exhibition in Germany. With its blockchain-based business model, it was selected with 20 other Japanese companies including startups

From September 6th (Friday) through the 11th (Wednesday), INDETAIL, Inc. will be participating in the IFA2019 consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin, Germany. Here, in the specialized “IFA NEXT” area among startups and cutting-edge IT companies from around the world, INDETAIL will exhibit as a part of the “Japan Pavilion”.


“IFA” is a global electronics show where new products from around the world debut. The event will be held for over 90 years since 1924. Last year at IFA 2018, the total exhibition area was expanded to 1,735,142 square feet, the total number of visitors was 245,000, and the transaction amount during the exhibition was about $5,836,060,000 USD*.

Within the IFA event, “IFA NEXT” is an area where the newest innovations gather. “IFA NEXT” started in 2017, but it was held twice in 2018 and continues to grow.

IFA2019 Website
*IFA2018 statistics were gathered from the IFA2019 Japanese website.

Japan is the first partner country in IFA history to be partnered with IFA NEXT

In IFA, which has a history of more than 90 years, the partner country system was established in “IFA NEXT” for the first time in the history of “IFA” in 2019, and Japan became its first partner country (May 7, 2019 , Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry news release). Within IFA, IFA NEXT is an area that specializes in innovation, bringing together startups, research and development institutions, and cutting-edge IT companies in various countries. In Japan, which has become a partner country, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has set up the “Japan Pavilion” in IFA NEXT, and 20 companies including J-Startup companies selected from Japan will exhibit. As one of the 20 companies, INDETAIL has also been selected to exhibit.
Why INDETAIL was selected

Why INDETAIL was selected

INDETAIL is actively promoting open innovation to Japan and the world based on its unique business model of building an ecosystem with blockchain and IoT. As part of this, they exhibited at "Blockchain Expo Europe 2019" held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in June 2019. At the largest blockchain event in Europe, INDETAIL exhibited the “Blockchain × EV stand” and “Blockchain × TV device” ecosystems. The business potential of these models and their attitude toward global expansion were evaluated, and they were selected as one of the 20 companies to exhibit at the Japan Pavilion.

Taking the opportunity to exhibit at IFA NEXT, INDETAIL will further accelerate open innovation in Japan and overseas, and will continue to create new businesses under the vision of “Upgrade the World!”, and strive to expand their business.

Upgrade the World!