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    Based in Japan, INDETAIL is a blockchain company with an international developer team. We are looking to expand and become one of the main actors of blockchain technology in Japan. Through collaborative projects and R&D experiments with partners, we are promoting practical applications of blockchain technology to businesses.


Nowadays, blockchain is turning into a new base for system distribution and security, and IOT is being adopted quickly. INDETAIL is working on developing an easily customizable solution for blockchain and IoT systems with different use cases. We are focussing on these two technologies and trying to make a cross-market platform to provide our customers with excellent services with a large scope of possibilities.

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station prototype

Our first solution is Connected EV, an ongoing project with Japanese Electricity company Hokuden, the biggest electricity provider in the Hokkaido region. The main goal of this project is to create an ecosystem where customers can track, be rewarded for electricity they produce in their homes and use the rewarded tokens for charging electric vehicles at the charging stations. For electricity providers, this ecosystem can help them to increase the number of EV charging stations in the region and motivate more people to follow an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Blockchain TV prototype

Our second solution is Connected TV. Currently in research phase, this project is a collaboration project with Japanese broadcasting company. Broadcasters can modify their existing old broadcasting technology or can adapt new channels to use the TV as an IoT device and provide incentives to viewers. By adopting our system, viewers are rewarded for watching sponsored content, interactive TV with quizzes and games, and exchange these tokens for the regional currency in sponsors shops.

Open innovation

We are convinced that innovation is collaborative. In our company, as well as all around us: entrepreneurs, inventors, startups, incubators, etc. All of the stakeholders are inventing new solutions and exploring new fields.
We are looking for business partners in order to develop initiatives that are capable of generating a series of related innovations, which together can become economic strengths on the International Market.

We are looking for initiatives that actively involve small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in innovation processes. Besides contributing to the structural improvement of the innovation ecosystem, these initiatives will also help develop a creative climate that sparks more ideas. These ideas can eventually become innovations with clear market potential that have a significant economic and societal impact in the world.

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